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The reliable good weather, tranquility and the good nature of our staff are sure to induce a soothing, transforming calm. The exclusive pools and beach area are uncrowded. Our guests are unhurried, free to choose what they want, when they want it. The cares of the world are distant.

On the Beach
An area by White Knight Beach is exclusively reserved for Royal Savoy guests. Loungers and parasols overlook the Red Sea and the spectacular view towards Tiran Island. Complimentary drinks are provided at the Beach Bar.

By the Pools
The three Royal Savoy pools are peaceful places to relax and sunbathe. A steam room, sauna and jacuzzi have been added recently. The Sunset Bar by the beach serves Complimentary drinks

On the Terrace
Breakfast on the terrace looking out towards the swimming pool lagoons is a favourite place for Royal Savoy guests. It’s also a place to relax with the papers from abroad and to meet fellow guests for drinks before dinner.

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